State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) for Florida for 2017-2019

The FILC works for change throughout Florida.

The Florida Independent Living Council is a systems advocacy and planning organization, working for systemic change in the areas that are the biggest barriers to people with disabilities participating fully in their communities. In our current 3-year plan, the areas we are focused on are:

  1. Facilitate the transition of youth with disabilities, including youth who were eligible for individualized Education Programs and have completed or left secondary education to postsecondary life.
  2. Improve the health, wellness and safety of children and adults with all types of disabilities throughout Florida.
  3. Facilitate outreach to individuals with disabilities and other stakeholders who are underrepresented and/or underserved in communities across Florida.
  4. Facilitate the transition of persons with significant disabilities by increasing the number of individuals with disabilities who reside in their chosen, least restrictive community environment.
  5. Increase Independent Living Program capacity of infrastructure and resource development through combined FILC, CIL and VR statewide initiatives.

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