Monthly Archives: January 2017


New system allows wheelchair-users to park their unoccupied cars

A wheelchair-user has successfully tested a system that allows an unoccupied car to be parked after its driver has left the vehicle, using technology that could be publicly available within a year. The organisations developing the system, demonstrated in the last few days at a hotel in Greenwich, London, believe it could make life far [...]

Saving the Affordable Care Act and Fighting Medicaid Block Grants!

There are a lot of questions about the upcoming healthcare threats our community will be facing. We know that Congress wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and recent reports say that House Republicans are aiming to get a repeal bill on President-Elect Trump’s desk by February 20. We also know that there have [...]

Medicaid Block Grants We need you to ACT today!

  Governors have been asked by Congress to give feedback on their desire for Medicaid Block Grants. These block grants could harm services for people with disabilities and affect funding for assistive technology. Assistive technology includes manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, special seating systems, and speech generating devices. Governors have until TODAY, Friday, January 6, [...]

ADA Compliance Directive of Florida Supreme Court

  Our attorney tried to attend a local Florida Bar Association meeting and the building was not accessible so she filed a complaint with the State of Florida Bar. The following link will lead you to the letter regarding the request of the Florida Supreme Court that every voluntary bar association develop and implement a [...]