After Hurricane Irma destroyed their apartment, 8 people with debilitating disabilities — including 2 children — were about to be forced out of their tiny room at Motel 6 as their FEMA funds ran out.
They had no money for food or another motel. Two are undergoing cancer treatment.
With the help of a grant from the Quantum Foundation, victim advocate Glenn Stahl brought them bags of food from the CILO pantry.
The conversation turned to safe housing and the father said his brother could loan the family a trailer from St. Petersburg if they could get gas money. 
 Glenn used the Quantum hurricane grant to pay for one more night at the Motel 6, found a campground with utilities that would take the family and bought the needed gas cards. 
The next day the trailer settled into the Lion Country camp ground with the bill paid for the next 2 months. 
The family was grateful and could not say thank you enough! See attached photo (2 family members were at the doctor and thus not in the photo)
Glenn and Kimberly Shields have created independent living plans for all 8 family members, including a financial plan that already has them on track with enough money for a new apartment when the lot lease expires.
They and 6 other neighbors would be on the street tonight without Quantum’s quick and generous support.
We can’t say thank you enough (and we still have money to help a few more people)!