Mission Statement

The Florida Independent Living Council advances civil rights of people with disabilities through advocating systemic change.

The Florida Independent Living Council

The Florida Independent Living Council (FILC), formed in 1999, is a not-for-profit statewide planning organization. The Council is made up of 14 voting members who are appointed by the Governor and the majority of the voting members must consist of individuals with disabilities who are not employed by a Center for Independent Living (CIL) or a state agency.

The FILC strives to provide leadership, research, planning and education required to support independent living services in Florida. We help identify and reach out to persons currently un-served and underserved by Centers for Independent Living; increase awareness of independent living services and the independent living philosophy; and help existing CILs to better serve persons with disabilities. We want to see a state where people with disabilities are independent, in control of their lives and free from barriers to fully participate in society.

Our activities – include sponsoring public hearings, public meetings, policy summits and other educational and outreach efforts; providing information to public officials, state agencies and local organizations and individuals; and conducting studies, training and research. The FILC is responsible for the development and reporting of progress on the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) in partnership with the Centers for Independent Living and the designated state entity, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The SPIL is a three year plan that promotes common goals, advancing the services and advocacy for people with disabilities throughout the state of Florida.

FILC Membership – SILC members are volunteers appointed by the Governor. A majority of voting members must be persons with disabilities who do not work for state agencies or Centers for Independent Living. Members are from all regions of the state, represent a broad range of disabilities, and are knowledgeable about Centers for Independent Living and independent living services. Voting members include persons with disabilities, parents, advocates, and representatives from private business, organizations serving persons with disabilities, and CILs. Non-voting members represent state agencies that provide services to persons with disabilities. Applications to become a member of FILC are made through the Governor’s Appointment Office.

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Instructions for completing a Council Member Application

Go to http://www.flgov.com/appointments to submit an application to the Governor’s Appointment Office

Step 1: Download the .pdf Appointments Questionnaire here
Step 2: After you have completed and saved the Appointments Questionnaire, click here to complete your demographic and personal information and finalize your application
Step 3: Select the board seats you wish to apply for
Step 4: Attach any additional documents (optional)
Step 5: Submit the completed application packet at   http://www.flgov.com/appointments
Step 6: Email a copy of both parts of your application to the FILC Office.    Jim@floridasilc.org

You can find Helpful Hints and FAQ here.

If you need assistance with the application please call 850-717-9243 or email Appointments@eog.myflorida.com.